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Wigan Council has not introduced new plans to issue bin fines

Wigan Council has clarified it has not introduced new plans to fine residents for leaving their bins out for more than 24 hours.

The Manchester Evening News has reported that the council has announced plans to introduce this as a new policy.

The council has confirmed that no announcement has been made and this is not a new policy. The power to issue a fine for this has been in place since 1990 and all local authorities have the same power.

The council will issue stickers reminding residents to take their bins in where there have been particular problems in areas with bin theft or vandalism.

Before being able to issue a fine the council would have to issue various warning letters and issue the resident with a section 46 notice. This is a lengthy enforcement process used for repeat offenders over a long period of time.

Paul Barton, assistant director for environment, explained: “Our focus is always on education rather than enforcement.

“It’s important that residents number their bins and look after them so they aren’t at risk of vandalism or theft.

“The warning sticker is the first step in our process leading to enforcement and is just a reminder not to leave the bin out and to number it.

“All local authorities have the powers to issue such fines.

“We would always take a common sense approach and if there was a genuine reason the bin was left out no further action would be taken.”

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