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West Lancashire Borough Council Elections Thursday 3rd May 2018

With less than 3 weeks until the 2018 local elections, have you decided who, well, IF ANYONE, deserves your vote this time around.

Voter apathy has been the downfall of local democracy for many years. Results have been distorted because people just have not been bothered to go to the voting booth to cast their vote.

Why? Well that’s another subject for another day.

Many voters will still believe that it is just “a waste of time” voting. After all less face it, “nothing changes” “it just gets worse”.

Instead of voting for a candidate because he/she represents the party that you support, why not vote for the candidate that will best represent you, the electorate.

Many readers will recall that Mr Carl Eaton withdrew from these elections for reasons that Mr Eaton has well documented. Mr Eaton stood for no party, he would have been the perfect independent candidate.

A man standing for his beliefs and community. Sadly not this time around, hopefully he will put himself forward again in the near future.

The candidates standing for election in May are no doubt all well meaning and have a desire to help the community. However, which candidates are best suited for your ward.

Candidates at the election will be invited to send in any articles that they would like published in support of their campaign.

Would you like to ask any of the candidates a question that may help you decide which way you cast your vote, if so email the question in to us at info@skemnews.com

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