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The Knowsley Apprentice open day

Are you 16 to 24 and wondering what to do for your next steps? Have you thought about becoming an apprentice?

Apprenticeships give aspiring professionals the real world experience they need to have the edge over other job seekers in the job market. If you are motivated to get started in the job market, choosing an apprenticeship can be an excellent way to gain essential experience as well as a qualification to make you stand out.

Here’s some reasons why an apprenticeship is a good route to go down:

  1. You will earn while you learn
    Apprentices have the same opportunities as other employees, working alongside experienced staff and earning a wage. An advantage is that apprentices receive the same benefits as other employees such as pension contributions and leisure facilities, and are not affected by student debt by choosing a route other than university. Instead, if you are an apprentice, you will be the one being paid to earn a qualification.
  2. You will gain practical and relevant experience
    Apprenticeships are designed with the help from employers and offer a structured programme which coaches you through the skills you need to be successful in the role. As an apprentice, you will learn from experienced professionals on the job.
  3. You will earn a nationally recognised qualification
    Along with comprehensive training, apprentices gain a work-based qualification such as a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) at a local college or specialist training organisation. Apprenticeships are available in 1500 job roles in more than 170 industries so there are many different qualifications that can be earned.
  4. You will strengthen your CV
    Completing an apprenticeship is an excellent way to gain transferable skills that you can put on your CV and discuss at interviews to attract employers. More than 80% of apprentices said their career prospects have improved which is no surprise with the knowledge and skills that can be learnt from working.
  5. You will build your contacts
    As an apprentice, you will naturally meet a lot of people meaning you will develop relationships with colleagues, managers and clients. This allows you to build professional contacts with people who could benefit you in the future, should you want advice or an opportunity they are offering.
  6. You will be an essential part of the team
    Employers benefit a lot from having well-trained apprentices such as it being very cost-effective for them. Apprentices can also be trained and guided to how the business wants them to be so they could stay on with the business with all of the necessary skills and knowledge required to be a successful permanent member of the team.

Interested? Come along to The Knowsley Apprentice’s open day on Monday 15 January 2018 from 10am to 12pm at The Venue, Civic Way, Huyton L36 9GD to find out how you can become an apprentice and experience the benefits they offer.

At the open day, you will find out about a range of different careers you could get into including manufacturing, engineering, housing, finance/accounts and customer service.

You can also look at the vacancies that are currently open for applications on the council’s website. The closing date for all vacancies is Wednesday 31 January 2018. Good luck!

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