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Take control and reduce the pressure

More than 23,000 people in Warrington have high blood pressure and don’t know it.

Warrington Borough Council’s public health team is advising people to spend five minutes at the Wellpoint Health Kiosk to help you monitor your blood pressure.

The kiosk is moving around the borough and residents are being encouraged to use it to find out if they have a healthy blood pressure or whether they need to seek medical advice.

You can also find out your heart age, BMI and body fat composition.

The kiosk is available at the following locations:

  • Orford Community Hub, Festival Avenue, 2 – 15 June
  • Fearnhead Cross Community and Youth Centre, Insall Road, 16 – 29 June

The kiosk has been available at various locations for members of the public to use since October. Statistics at the end of April show that just over 1,500 people have used the kiosk and, of these, 27% had high blood pressure.

The results also show that 67% of users were either overweight or obese, and 45% had a higher heart age than their actual age.

Cllr Maureen McLaughlin, executive board member for public health and wellbeing, said: “High blood pressure can often go unnoticed as it doesn’t cause visible symptoms and it puts you at risk of serious conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

“High blood pressure doesn’t always have to be managed with medication – sometimes a change in diet or simply doing a bit more exercise can help. Don’t delay – get your blood pressure checked today.”

After taking your blood pressure reading, the kiosk may advise you to have your blood pressure checked again in five minutes if the reading is high. It will also offer advice on whether you need to seek advice from a health professional. If the reading is normal, the kiosk will offer advice on healthy lifestyles and suggest you check your blood pressure again at a future date.

For more information about blood pressure, visit warrington.gov.uk/bloodpressure

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