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Power to the people!

A new online platform for residents to raise money through people power is due to launch on 15th November.

Crowdfund Wigan Borough will support community groups and not-for-profit organisations community groups, small businesses, charities and individuals to raise much-needed cash for their projects through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is becoming an increasingly popular way of groups raising money to fund a local project or good cause.

The idea is a large crowd of people each make a small donation online and the money is raised through people power.

The project is a partnership between Crowdfunder, the UK’s biggest crowdfunding platform, and Wigan Council.

A handful of community groups are piloting the site and residents are being encouraged to pledge to an idea that will make a difference in their area.

Wigan Council has pledged to fund half of the money for each project taking part in the pilot and is inviting other groups to consider their project.

Su Johnston from Crowdfunder UK said: “Crowdfunding is all about getting people in your community, or your crowd, to support a good idea. That idea could be anything it could be tiny or it could be enormous, the question is whether there’s enough support in the community to get it going.

“We know that people in Wigan borough already have brilliant ideas and crowdfunding will help you to get that idea off the ground – you’ve just got to get started!”

Cllr Chris Ready, cabinet member for communities, said: “We already have a great relationship with our residents through The Deal and crowdfunding is part of that.

“If you have a good idea the council will match fund the money that the crowd has already given you to get your idea going. We’re delighted to be supporting and empowering our communities groups and can’t wait to see what we can achieve.”

Who’s taking part in the pilot?

  • Astley Green Colliery
  • Greenslate Farm
  • Skils CIC
  • Arts at the Mill CIC / The Old Courts
  • Bryn Specials Badminton Club
  • Fur Clemt
  • Connecting Together CIC
  • Fir Tree Fishery CIC
  • Wigan Heritage and Mining Monument (WHAMM)
  • Aspull New Springs Lions

Find out more information about Crowdfunder.

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