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Patient’s praise for innovative prostate surgery

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A leading urological surgeon has carried out surgery at Ormskirk hospital for the first time which improves bladder control due to an enlarged prostate.

A father-of-two was the first patient to benefit from the innovative surgery led by Consultant Surgeon Rahul Mistry.

Dave, who is in his forties and from Ormskirk, said: “I’m so much better. I was in and out of hospital within the same day – in fact, the procedure took less than half an hour. Within three to four days I was fully recovered and I noticed an improvement almost immediately.

“Mr Mistry fully explained the operation to me beforehand and I would recommend this operation not only to friends and family but to all men who need it. I can’t believe how quickly it took me to fully recover and be back to how I used to be.”

Prostate problems are more common in men aged over 50. The prostate gland surrounds the tube that carries urine out of the body and sits just below the bladder. An enlarged prostate can cause a lot of discomfort and unpredictability for men when they need to pass water, particularly at night.

The advantage of the new Urolift technique is a much faster recovery time, no routine need for a catheter, and a minimal effect on sexual function.

Patients traditionally had to stay in hospital for two to three days and then take off a further six weeks. Instead, the Urolift procedure is a day case operation, saving the NHS money, and from which the patients will be recovered within two to three weeks.

Mr Mistry added: “It’s great news that patients at Ormskirk and Southport hospitals can now benefit from this innovative procedure, quickly recover and go on to lead a normal life again.

“It’s also much better value for the NHS as the Urolift is a day case operation which means patients don’t have to stay in hospital. The post-operation infection rates are also much lower.”

The surgery has been made possible through partnership work between NHS England, North West Innovation Agency, Urolift and Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust and the NHS commissioners

If you have a problem with passing urine or have any signs of symptoms you should go and see your local GP.

Telltale signs of prostatic enlargement:

Signs of an enlarged prostate can include:

  • difficulty starting or stopping urinating
  • a weak flow of urine
  • straining when passing urine
  • feeling like you’re not able to fully empty your bladder
  • prolonged dribbling after you’ve finished peeing
  • needing to pass urine more frequently or more suddenly
  • waking up frequently during the night to pee.

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