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More people are going smoke free in Wigan Borough

More people in Wigan Borough are keeping up with their decision to quit smoking according to new figures.

Public Health England has released the latest local Tobacco Control Profile for Wigan Borough which shows that the number of people who say they have remained smoke free four weeks after first quitting in 2014/15 is well above the national average. In Wigan Borough 4,177 people were successful quitters after four weeks, compared to the England average of 2,829.

And in the same period the number of people setting a quit date is above national average of 5,549 with 6,730 picking the day they will quit smoking.

These results all come in the period Healthy Routes took up responsibility across Wigan Borough for the stop smoking services.

It means now that 81.3 per cent of adults in Wigan Borough do not smoke.

And 2015 figures for the number of people in routine and manual work who smoke is also better than the England average with figures of 24.4 smoking in the borough compared to 26.5 nationally.

But the figures show more work needs to be done to reduce the number of women who smoke at the time of giving birth which is 16.7 compared to 11.4 nationally.

And although the number of smoking related deaths is above the national average, with figures of 348.4 compared to the national figure of 274.8 between 2012-14, the number of deaths per 100,000 people has also fallen faster than the national average. This drop is from 399.3 between 2007-9.

It means the borough is ranked fourth lowest across Greater Manchester for both smoke-related deaths and smoking prevalence.

Professor Kate Ardern, director for public health, said: “We are pleased to see that more and more people across Wigan Borough are making the choice to set the date to quit smoking and that so many people are also keeping themselves smoke free four weeks after quitting. These figures show that our partnership with Healthy Routes is making a real difference through innovative ways of helping people quit such as the QuitPal app and Healthy Routes on the High Street shops.

“But the figures do show there is still much more we can do to reduce the number of smokers, particularly in new mums, and this should help to reduce the number of people whose lives are affected by smoking related conditions in the future.”

To find out more about stop smoking services visit the Healthy Routes on the High Street shops on Crompton Street, Wigan or Bradshawgate, Leigh. Alternatively visit Healthy Routes – Stopping Smoking.

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