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Man takes plane to the pub in Australia

A man has been questioned by police after he parked his plane at a pub and then went inside for a beer on Monday. Locals in Newman, Western Australia, were surprised after seeing the wingless Beechcraft two-seater aircraft going along the main drag in the mining town in the Pilbara region, before it pulled up at the local pub.

Beau Woolcock, a resident of Newman, told ABC Radio ‘On the way back through town… here’s a plane parked outside the Purple Pub. Even more special was seeing one of the local coppers poking his head in the door of the plane looking like he was asking for a licence.’

Talk of the incident soon spread around the town; however the police never saw the funny side of it.

Mark McKenzie, a Newman police sergeant, told reports ‘It was a pretty stupid thing to do’. He said that the propeller was running and that it needed to be steered by foot pedals. It was unclear as to why the plane had no wings.

‘Kids were coming home from school. It could have been very ugly. All he needed was one gust of wind … because without the wings, it’s not stable. People think it was a bit of a laugh but it was very dangerous and we’re not very happy with it.’

The West Australian newspaper has said that staff from the pub have labelled the man a ‘legend’ following his casual arrival.

Police have said that they are investigating whether there had been an offence committed, given that the plane never left the ground or caused any traffic accidents and that the man had passed a breath-test at the scene.

Mark Garner, a police officer, said ‘I need to look at what the appropriate offence would be as it’s a bit of an unusual one’.

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