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Majority of professionals work long hours

Nigel Holland from Holland & Co

Nearly three quarters of UK professionals work overtime regularly, according to research by recruitment consultancy Morgan McKinley.

The working hours survey polled more than 600 professionals across a range of sectors and found that 73% routinely work longer than their contracted hours.

Nearly three quarters of these said that working longer hours was having an impact on their work-life balance. However, two thirds said that they felt obliged to work longer, despite the negative effects.

The survey also found:

  • professionals in senior positions work the longest hours
  • people working long hours are likely to be aged 41-60
  • 76% of men and 67% of women work more than their contracted hours
  • more than half the organisations surveyed offer flexible working.

Nigel Holland from Holland & Co Chartered Accountants said:

“Many professionals say that they are more productive outside their standard hours because they are able to concentrate on their work and do not get distracted by meetings and other influences. Overtime is now part of the work culture for top professionals and they must be prepared to put in extra hours if they wish to progress their career.

If flexible working practices are introduced by management there is more likelihood that the pressure on employees can be reduced and also that there exists more scope for productivity increases.”

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