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Let’s Talk Skelmersdale

An exciting new website which promotes Skelmersdale as a great place to do business is now available online.

Steve Jones, chairman of the Skelmersdale Place Board announced the official launch of letstalkSkelmersdale.com at the latest Skelmersdale Ambassadors Network event.

The new business-focussed website will be key in driving Skelmersdale forward. It will celebrate news from local businesses, give advice on available funding and support and provide information about the Ambassador network, which has recently celebrated its first birthday.

Councillor Ian Moran, Leader of West Lancashire Borough Council and portfolio holder for Economic Regeneration, said: “LetstalkSkelmersdale.com will provide further proof that Skelmersdale is a great place to do business. So whether you are a business already based in Skelmersdale that is looking to grow or a company that is considering moving to the area then take a look at this great website.”

Tony Rankin, Learning & Development Manager at Hotter and a member of the Skelmersdale Place Board, said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of the Skelmersdale website. The website provides key information for businesses looking to invest in the area including business support, employment and skills, lifestyle and education. Further information regarding the Skelmersdale Place Board and Ambassadors is also available. We hope you enjoy it and agree that it promotes Skelmersdale as a fantastic place to live, work and do business.”

People looking to invest in the area or expand their business can find a range of information about the town, as it stands and the future plans for growth. Supporting the ‘Green Growth, New Horizons’ message from the Skelmersdale Storybook that was distributed to Ambassadors earlier this year, it highlights Skelmersdale’s strengths as a place to do business.

Education and leisure in the region are also highlighted on the website as key factors towards recruitment, growth and liveability.

Additionally the website offers the opportunity for businesses to download and utilise the Skelmersdale visual language as part of their own branding and marketing, enabling Ambassadors to share their enthusiasm for the area.

Attendees to Ambassador events can see photographs taken of each session and those who were unable to attend can catch up by viewing videos of the key speakers too.

The website, like Skelmersdale, will continue to grow. You can also follow the Let’s Talk Skelmersdale team on the recently formed Twitter account @ltSkelmersdale and on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/skelmersdale

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