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Lancashire’s Pathetic Pothole Response

Figures released by Lancashire County Council to the Internal “Scrutiny Committee” (20/07/2018) show that under the current Conservative administration the County’s response times for potholes has collapsed. Only 66% of potholes (Highway Safety Defects includes potholes 64%) have been fixed within 20 working days (2017/2018). This compares with the previous Labour Administration, which was repairing 97% potholes within 20 working days (2016/2017).

This is despite the smoke and mirrors policy work by the Conservative Council to suggest that potholes might be repaired within 5, 10 and 20 working days. The Conservatives have also stated that millions of pounds extra was going to be being spent on Lancashire Roads however many local people have said “Not around here.”

County Councillor John Fillis, Deputy Leader of Lancashire Labour Group, said, “Residents of Lancashire are rightly outraged at the state of Lancashire’s roads. We know that people have been injured and residents have faced extra costs in repairs to bicycles, motorbikes and cars.”

“These figures are appalling. In the last year of the previous administration 97% of potholes were repaired within 20 working days. Within just 1 year the Conservative administration pothole response has collapsed to 66%, a fall of approximately a third.”

“The standard excuse from the current administration is to blame winter, but this year in April it was 56% and May 66%. This is a serious failure of the chaotic Conservative County Council to deliver services for local people. Excuses are not good enough, especially when they increased council tax by 6% this year and the Conservatives voted against the £5 million extra funding proposed by Labour specifically to provide permanent pothole repairs.”

“Most councils would say that there was more they could do on potholes, Lancashire was doing more and now people are being asked to pay more for less. But the comparison based on their figures between Labour’s 97% and the Conservatives 66% of fixing potholes in 20 working days speaks for itself. When you also consider that Labour repaired 21,601 more potholes then the Conservative excuses really are pathetic.”

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