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Lancashire schools above the regional average at Key Stage 2

The performance of primary school pupils in recent national tests has been commended by Lancashire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Schools.

County Councillor Susie Charles, said: “Once again, the Key Stage 2 results are pleasing.

“Our primary school children are doing well, with a result of 61% in the key areas of reading, writing and maths. This is above the regional average of 60%, and is definitely something we can be proud of. Lancashire results are also in line with the national average.

“This shows what excellent work our schools are doing throughout the county, and it is great to see Lancashire children performing well.

“This is backed up by the latest Ofsted figures showing that 94% of Lancashire’s primary age pupils attend schools that have been judged to be good or outstanding, compared to the national average of 90%, and the North West average of 92%.

“Well done to all our children, and to their teachers, parents, and school governors. These results are a compliment to all their hard work.

“Lancashire County Council staff support almost all of our primary schools and it is great to know that they are helping them to build such strong foundations for when pupils move on to secondary school. With this in mind we’ll be putting an extra focus on reading next year, to make sure Lancashire pupils get the chance to be as good as they can be.”

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