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Guide Dogs urges the Government to put an end to dangerous street design

People with sight loss are being put in danger by unsafe street schemes that force pedestrians and cars to share the same space. These shared surface schemes, usually found in town and city centres, are making some areas no go zones for people living with sight loss.

Seven out of ten people who took part in our survey feel they are put in danger by shared surface schemes, where kerbs and pedestrian crossing points are often removed.

We are calling for plans for new shared surface schemes to be put on hold until the Government issues guidelines to ensure they are safe for all pedestrians.

The research is released alongside a video that carries the message that it’s not always good to share.


Guide dog owner Laura Turner was left fearing for her safety after a close shave with a car in Leicester City Centre. Describing her experience while out with a friend, Laura said: “We were walking back towards the station when we approached the shared surface. What I didn’t realise was that I was walking into the middle of the road. There was a car coming which was probably going a little too fast and we could have both been hit. The worst part was I had absolutely no idea.”

Support our campaign by signing our open letter to Government.

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