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Free car seat checking event

Knowsley Council is raising awareness among parents, grandparents and carers about the dangers to young children of incorrectly fitted or inappropriate child car seats.

Last year alone 76% of child car seats were found to be not safely fitted or incompatible to the child/vehicle.

In tackling this vital road safety issue, the council has adopted the award-winning Good Egg In-Car Child Safety campaign to benefit from its proven record of success in significantly reducing casualty rates among child passengers throughout the UK.

Although well intentioned parents may install a child car seat to protect their child, there is a danger of serious injury if the seat is not fitted properly or if they have chosen the wrong type of seat for the height, weight and age of the child.

Free car seat checks

Anyone with responsibility for carrying children in their car can have their seats checked, for free, by experts on Tuesday 6 June, 10am – 3pm at Prescot Retail Park, between Next and Outfit.

Find out more about the campaign at www.goodeggcarsafety.com

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