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Flu vaccination uptake for school aged children in Lancashire significantly higher than last year

The Screening and Immunisation Team at NHS England, Lancashire and South Cumbria are delighted with increases in vaccinations given this winter.

Over 52,000 children in Lancashire aged between 4 – 9 years old received their flu vaccination during the 2017/18 flu season.

63% of children aged between 4-5 years old in Lancashire were protected against flu this year, which is a 29% increase from last flu season.

Vaccinations for 7-8 year olds increased from 47.4% to 56.9% this year, whilst 6-7 year olds increased from 50.2% to 60.3%.

Dr Kieran Murphy, Medical Director, Lancashire & South Cumbria said “It’s great news that so many took up the offer to have their children vaccinated this flu season.  The vaccination helps not only the child, but their friends and family by decreasing the risk of spreading the flu.

“All too often we hear about those most vulnerable, including young children, being extremely poorly with flu and related health complications.

“This winter has seen unprecedented pressures on the NHS and by having your child vaccinated against flu you can help to reduce the spread and decrease the amount of people requiring hospital treatment for health conditions relating to flu.

“The children’s flu vaccination is given as a quick, and pain free, nasal spray.  It’s free for children up to school year 4.  Please take up the offer when it comes around during autumn this year”.

Flu is a life-threatening illness and we want to prevent it as much as possible.  The increase in uptake we have seen this year is really promising but there are still a number of parents not taking up the offer of the free vaccination for their child.

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