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Don’t let a late kick off get you a booking in A&E

Alcohol team Mandy Smith centre (800x592)
Picture shows Hospital Alcohol Liaison Team with lead Mandy Smith, centre

Doctors and nurses are warning against the risks of excessive drinking during the World Cup which starts on Thursday (12th June).

Dr Alan Owens, A&E consultant and alcohol lead at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust, said: “The more we drink the more likely we’ll be involved in an assault, domestic violence, self-harm or simply fall over and hurt ourselves.

“Any of these could mean a visit to A&E and late kick offs for England’s games, with more time for drinking, could make things worse.”

Mandy Smith, who leads the alcohol liaison team at Southport hospital, said we can all enjoy the World Cup safely and prevent unnecessary trips to A&E by thinking about what and how we drink. This includes:

  • Avoiding drinking before leaving the house (preloading): it may be cheaper to buy alcohol at the supermarket but preloading is associated with an increase in overall consumption
  • Staying out of rounds: people in rounds drink more and faster than if you are controlling your own intake
  • Alternating alcohol with a soft drink – and tap water is free


Dr Owens added: “Lastly, if a friend is intoxicated, make sure they get home safely and don’t just leave them slumped at the side of the road. They are a risk to themselves and others. They are especially at increased risk of sexual assault.”

Anyone concerned about their alcohol consumption who would like support should contact Sefton Treatment & Recovery Service (STARS) on 01704 534759 or DISCOVER for West Lancashire residents on 01772 825492

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