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Dog rescued following 13 days spent under a concrete slab

A miniature dachshund was rescued after it had spent 13 days trapped underneath a concrete slab at her home in Kansas. It was reported in the Wichita Eagle that the dog, named Lucy, had disappeared on 3rd April while she was fenced in her Derby yard. It turns out that Lucy had managed to dig underneath the slab which had been supporting the air conditioning unit for the house.

Rebecca Felix, Lucy’s owner, said that her other dog, Thor, had shown an interest in the spot where Lucy had been buried. However it was not until last Thursday that Rebecca and her husband had heard a quiet bark from under the concrete. Rebecca’s husband dug deep enough to be able to see Lucy’s nose and one closed eye. He then called 911, and firefighters arrived to help rescue the dog.

Veterinarian Kelly Miller has said that it had been ‘amazing’ that Lucy had survived had had not suffered organ failure.

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