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Disabled Go – new website launched

New website launched to improve accessibility for people with disabilities and life-limiting illnesses.

Warrington Borough Council commissioned Warrington Disability Partnership to work with DisabledGo, a provider of accessibility information for disabled people in the UK, to create an online guide for people in Warrington.

Residents and visitors can use the online resource to find out about the accessibility of hundreds of shops, local amenities and services across the borough.

Visitors to the website can find out whether buildings have an accessible entrance, where disabled parking spaces are located, whether there is lift access to other floors, information about accessible toilets and much more.

Cllr Maureen McLaughlin, executive board member for public health and wellbeing, said: “The website is a great tool for people with any type of disability to help them get around the town, giving them the information they need about access to facilities.  It provides independence and choice for people, so they can have the confidence to get out and about to experience the variety of things Warrington has to offer.”

Dave Thompson MBE DL, chief executive at Warrington Disability Partnership, said: “Out of the 220,000 people who live in Warrington, around 36,000 people are living with a long term health condition or disability. We’ve worked closely with DisabledGo to assess over 600 locations across Warrington to create a useful guide that is inclusive of all disabilities including learning disabilities. The site will also benefit people who find visiting new places difficult as the photo library lets you know what to expect before visiting a certain location.”

For more information or to start your search for accessibility-friendly locations, visit www.disabledgo.com

We would like your feedback to help us ensure the information provided on DisabledGo is useful. Please email Brun at Warrington Disability Partnership with any feedback or suggestions – Brun.Munslow@disabilitypartnership.org.uk

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