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Council tenants can apply for exclusive home contents insurance

Tenants of West Lancashire Borough Council are eligible to apply for a home contents insurance scheme that is exclusively run for them.

The Council is managing a scheme that offers tenants very competitive rates and many benefits other policies don’t provide.

Premiums start from as little as 88 pence per week for £6,000 worth of cover for the over 60s, and £1.32 for £9,000 worth of cover for people under the age of 60. Extra cover can be obtained for a larger premium payment.

Councillor Chris Wynn, Council portfolio holder for Finance, said: “The Council obviously has an insurance policy to cover the buildings people live in, but this doesn’t cover tenants’ possessions they have in their homes. The rates are very competitive, and show how the Council provides excellent value for money in providing services for its tenants. So if you live in Council accommodation, get in touch and sign up for our home contents insurance scheme.”

Important benefits include:

  • There is no excess to pay on any claims
  • Individual premiums don’t go up if a claim is made against the policy
  • Insurance doesn’t cost any more if the premiums are paid on a weekly, monthly or in a one-off annual payment
  • Although the scheme is underwritten by Aviva, it is managed by the Council so tenants have a local point of contact at the authority for queries and claims

For an extra premium the scheme can now provide full cover for accidental damage.

The only increases in the cost of the Council’s insurance scheme in recent years has been due to the insurance premium tax rates increasing which is set by central government.

Payments can be made via Allpay, by credit and debit card, or by standing order.

For more details please contact Catherine Kirwan on 01695 585047 or Rebecca Spicer on 01695 585098. Or you can email catherine.kirwan@westlancs.gov.uk or rebeccaspicer@westlancs.gov.uk.

For more information on Council Housing services, visit www.westlancs.gov.uk/housing.

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