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Chorley Magistrates Court closure

Chorley Council has written to the Secretary of State in objection of the decision to close Chorley Magistrate Court.

HM Courts and Tribunals Services notified Chorley Council on Tuesday that the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice is closing Chorley Magistrates Court together with six other courts in England.

The local authority has objected to this decision for many reasons concerning the local economy and users of the court.

Councillor Alistair Bradley, Leader of Chorley Council said: “We are in objection of the closure of Chorley Magistrates Court and have written to the Secretary of State for him to reconsider his decision.

“Closing the magistrate’s court would have an adverse effect on the local economy and the public. Work would be moved to Preston Court which will likely mean a loss of local jobs as well as increased time, travel and cost for people attending court.”

If Chorley Magistrate Court is closed it will mean a reallocation of the local service to Preston Courts.

The move will cost money to support improvement works to Preston Magistrate’s Court to enable it to handle the extra workload.

It will also have a negative impact on the public as they will have to travel further to Preston, which could be an issue for those who lack easy access to transportation methods.

“I understand the Government wants to save money by reducing the number of buildings it has but having a court in a borough the size of Chorley is really important because it means justice is dealt with locally by magistrates who know the area and it is a long way for people to travel to Preston,” said Councillor Bradley.

“Removing the court will directly reduce the number of people working in the town centre and will almost certainly impact on the significant number of solicitors practices close by as well as other businesses who rely on the presence of workers and service sector businesses.

“We will fight to keep the court in Chorley and I will be working with the MP Lindsay Hoyle to ensure our voice is heard by those at the very top in Westminster.

“We hope to hear from the Secretary of State soon and will be keeping the public updated.”

Any update on the matter will be shared accordingly.

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