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Call for Lancashire Council Leader to Resign

Lancashire Councillors are now calling for Cllr Geoff Driver, Council Leader, to resign due to the reckless restructuring of senior management without due consideration of the serious financial implications on services to the public.

At the last cabinet meeting (10/08/17) the Conservatives used standing order 35 as a reason to push through their restructuring proposals, avoiding consideration by full council and scrutiny through the call in procedure.  This followed two previous attempts to bulldoze through similar proposals which were ruled illegal and had to be withdrawn.

Leaving councillors with no option but to call an extraordinary meeting of Full Council In accordance with Procedural Standing Order 2(2)(b), calling for an extra ordinary meeting of the Council to consider the following motions :-

  • The full council should fully debate the proposed restructure and its implications for the service delivery in a transparent way by giving the powers for implementation of the restructure to Full Council.
  • This council is concerned that the serious financial situation will have a devastating effect on services unless it is considered in an open, transparent and constructive manner.
  • This council lacks confidence in the current Leader of the Council CC Driver CBE and calls on him to resign with immediate effect.

Lancashire County Councillor John Fillis said” This is a shifty and shabby attempted by the Conservative Group to avoid an open and honest debate at full council on the future of peoples services.

It’s clear that their plans would not save money, but it will actually cost the people of Lancashire Millions of Pounds at a time when there services are still being drastically reduced due to the Conservative Government’s Austerity Political Dogma.

The actions of every member of this Conservative Group will not provide strong and sustainable services. It will only result in deeper and deeper cuts that will spiral out of control. We must be honest and upfront with the people of Lancashire regarding what is happening to their service. Cllr Driver is the Leader as such he should resign, but the responsibility lies with every Conservative Councillor.

Two Conservative Councillors have already resign from the Conservative Group to become independents how many more will follow?”

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