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Brexit vote anniversary arrives with no proper plan to make it a success for working people, says TUC

The TUC is warning today (Friday) that, one year on from the referendum on UK membership of the EU, the government’s plans are still not good enough to make Brexit a success for working people.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“Trade unions accepted the referendum result. We have spent the last year fighting for the best Brexit deal for working people – one that protects their jobs and their rights at work.

“A no-deal Brexit would be devastating for jobs and the UK economy – and after the election result, the Prime Minister has no mandate for it.

“A good Brexit deal for working people means tariff-free and barrier-free trade with Europe. And it means a level playing field for workers’ rights written into the Brexit deal. That deal must protect all current rights and make sure hardworking Brits do not miss out on new protections enjoyed by EU workers in future.”

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