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Bow hunter chased up a tree by a bear and has his leg bitten

A bow-hunter who had been looking for deer near to the southwest Washington city of Longview was attacked by a bear. Jerry Hause, 61 years old from Longview, told The Daily News that he had been sitting down and taking a rest when the bear came at him in a dead run.

Jerry said that he never had time to be able to use his bow so instead he scrambled up a tree. The bear followed Jerry up the tree and bit his left leg. The bear let go of his leg after Jerry managed to kick it in the nose with his other foot.

Jerry was able to walk out and make a call for help. He received treatment for puncture wounds and scratches at a hospital and is now at home recovering.

Jerry has said that the next time he goes bow hunting he is planning on carrying a pistol.

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