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Action being taken on anti-social behaviour in Swinley

Residents in the Swinley area of Wigan are being reassured that action is being taken to reduce incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Wigan Council in partnership with Greater Manchester Police and other agencies have met with residents, business owners and local councillors in Swinley who have raised concerns.

The meeting helped the council and its partners identify immediate steps to address the issues.

Actions include:

  • The council and homeless outreach workers identifying individuals causing concern and bringing them into contact with services.
  • Drug dealing and drug taking hotspots identified and shared with Greater Manchester Police.
  • High profile patrols by police officers throughout the area.
  • Vegetation cut back where drugs are being used.
  • Concerns raised with housing agents who are placing people with complex needs in Swinley.
  • Temporary CCTV capacity to be explored.
  • Environmental enforcement teams taken action on environmental issues including littering, dog dirt and street cleansing.

The council is also to support the revival of the Swinley Residents’ Association to help give residents a co-ordinated voice to work with the authorities.

If successful the council will then support the residents group through The Deal.

Will Blandamer, Wigan Council’s assistant director for partnerships, said: “The council understands the concerns of residents in Swinley.

“Alongside Greater Manchester Police and our other partners we are committed to taking action to reduce these concerns and to make sure that residents feel safe and secure in their community.

“There are a number of practical measures which we have already taken and there will be more which we will work through in the coming weeks.

“We have agreed to have regular meetings with residents to keep them updated and to try and improve information sharing especially between residents and the police.

“Through supporting the community we also hope to revive the residents association and create new ways of engaging with the community.”

If anyone has any concerns about anti-social behaviour they should contact the safercommunities team or ring GMP on 101.

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