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14.6% Increase in Non-Residential Care Charges

Lancashire County Council are now consulting on increasing charges by up to 14.6% for non-residential care for elderly and disabled people, who want to live at home surround by their family and friends.

These county council run services include: home care, outreach services, day care, direct payment and personal budget services, supported living, and the Shared Lives Scheme. Enabling people to live as independently as possible in their community with dignity.

The current hourly charge of £11.96 will be increased to £13.71(14.6%), this being a Pan Lancashire average cost. This increase is in addition to the £5 million cuts in Adult Social Care announced by Lancashire County Council last month.

These charges were last reviewed in 2011, some six years ago. The previous Labour administration chose not to increase these costs.

Cllr Azhar Ali, Labour Leader, said “The government have deliberately delayed parts of the Care Act 2014, proposing that many of these elderly and disabled people should not pay anything. As it is positive for their wellbeing and cost effective to maintain these people at home. They had an opportunity to address their responsibility in this year’s budget but failed to do so.”

“There should be an end to austerity, elderly and disabled people in Lancashire should not be forced to pay the price of this government’s failures to tackle the tax dodgers. “The people of Lancashire are already paying an extra 2% in their council taxes to support the cost of care for elderly and disabled people. The Conservative are now proposing this Dignity Tax to raise £2.9 million to support the council coffers.”

“This is not only of concern to the 5694 people directly affected by it’s a question for the people of Lancashire. Say No to the Conservatives Austerity.”

There will be an 8 week consultation period, beginning 15th December, ending 9th February 2018. With an implementation date of the 1st April 2018.

Cllr Ali continued “We did ask that the consultation period be extended due to the Christmas Period, but the Conservative’s decided that this would prevent them from bringing in the charges by the 1st April 2018, It’s clear that they will be imposing this 14.6% increase regardless of what people think.”

Responses: Chargingpolicyfeedback@lancashire.gov.uk

Online Questionnaire: www.lancashire.gov.uk/haveyoursay

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