Watch a live mummy wrapping at the Museum of Wigan Life

Watch science (un)-fold as experts demonstrate a real animal mummy wrapping to a live audience. Dr. Campbell Price, Dr. Lidija M. McKnight and Dr. Stephanie Atherton-Woolham from Manchester Museum will come to the Museum of Wigan Life on Thursday 22nd June to give an exciting talk about how mummies were wrapped in Ancient Egypt. Using … Read more

A quarter of new dads are missing out on paternity leave and pay, says TUC

More than 157,000 new fathers did not qualify for paternity leave or pay last year TUC calls on new government to give new dads better paternity leave and pay entitlements One in four men who became fathers in 2016 didn’t qualify for paternity leave or pay, according to new TUC analysis published on Fathers’ Day … Read more